Commercial LTE Cells

cellXica offer a range of LTE cells for commercial deployments. The EXSITE LTE range includes multiple packaging options, two different underlying baseband solutions (system-on-a-chip and software defined radio), network-in-a-box or macro connectivity and three different power outputs.

By offering two different baseband solutions, cellXica are able to cover a wider range of applications and customer requirements. The SoC-based products use high-capacity, multi-cell devices and software from Cavium, a leader in network infrastructure hardware. The SDR-based products use cellXica’s own well-proven SDR hardware and highly customisable protocol stack and physical layer.

Both options have standards compliant backhauls (S1/GTP) and are available in indoor and outdoor packaging with built in power amplifiers and filtering. The Cavium-based products are particularly suited for use in conventional operator networks, including rural in-fill and in-building coverage. The SDR-based products are targeted at applications where the capacity requirements are lower or where specific features or modifications are required.

Every EXSITE LTE cell may operate as a self-contained network-in-a-box where the core network runs on-board to provide a private network ‘bubble’ with SIM cards included. In the UK, cellXica are able to provide UK spectrum, massively simplifying the process of buying and operating an LTE network.

For further information please contact sales on +44 (0) 1223 755115 or email


  • Standalone network-in-a-box
    • Emergency services
    • Command and control vehicles
    • Private networks
    • Maritime
  • Macro connected cells
    • "Not-spot” rural in-fill
    • Enterprise coverage
    • Small/new networks


  • Network-in-a-box option
    • Totally self-contained LTE network
    • SIMs and UK spectrum (guard-band) available
  • Multiple packaging options
    • 19” rack mounted
    • Lamp-post
    • Custom packaging available
  • MIMO power amplifier options:
    • +34 dBm (2.5W), +37 dBm (5W), +44 dBm (25W)
  • Multiple and non-standard bands available
  • 110/240V AC or 12-24V DC power supply
  • SDR-based Product Features
    • 3GPP release 8/9
    • Standards-based backhaul (S1/GTP)
    • Simple web-based management (or API)
    • Application-specific features, e.g.
      • UE measurements
      • Custom scheduler/QoS behaviour
      • Fast 2/3/4G neighbour scanning
    • UMTS NodeB available on same hardware
    • Readily customisable
  • Cavium-based Product Features
    • Standards-based backhaul (S1/GTP)
    • Standards-based management (TR-069)
    • LTE-A 3GPP release 10
    • Roadmap to release 11 and 12
    • Multiple cells
    • High capacity (128+ users/cell)
    • Advanced cell splitting and load balancing features
    • Optional C-RAN architecture

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